Muse-io heartbeat osc


Hello there!

I’m developing a server program in python that listens to several muse io clients and plots and logs osc values to a web server. I have run into a limitation of muse-io, that is, when the headset is disconnected the muse-io client stops sending osc messages. I want a heartbeat osc message to be sent every n seconds with a connection status, even when the muse headband is disconnected. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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Some other details:

I’m working with pyOSC and bokeh for serving and plotting respectively in ubuntu linux x86. PyOSC relies on a handler method that is called when an osc message arrives, but if no osc messages arrive, no handlers are called and the server sits idle. I like this architecture for it’s asynchronous timing, however it makes it necessary for the connection status to be broadcast over osc from muse-io… I think.