Muse-io + Muse 2016 Headband?


This is disappointing. I purchased a 2016 headband unaware that it wouldn’t work with muse-io. I already have a 2014 headband and was hoping I could run both of them at the same time, with the same software setup (ubuntu, muse-io and custom processing code).

Any word from muse if they’ll bring out that fix any time soon?


I’m contemplating in what to buy, Muse 2014 from eBay, Muse 2016, Lowdown Focus OR any competitor.
Being able to easy connect to the device is important, but seems muse-io won’t be available for a long time (if at all) for Muse 2016… Would be glad to be wrong though!


To be honest, this is a no go from my point of view and a reason to resell the device.

InteraXon sells the Muse 2016 headband and advertises tools on their homepage for all platforms but drops a small footnote that the Linux connection driver is not compatible with their 2016 version of their headband. To workaround this issue by using an overpriced propriertary app does not make the situation better.

Probably the first and last post in this forum.