Muse-io OSC option for DSP


Hey - noticing there are specific muse-io options for receiving specific OSC messages, but I don’t see one for dsp… Am I missing something? It woudl be something like ‘–osc-dsp-urls’


option is --dsp
you can find it here:


I think this is what you’re asking about? If you have any questions about working with OSC routing, forwarding, etc. let us know.

[I] --osc-bp-urls arg Output MuseElements DSP messages to OSC. Multiple URLs[/I]
[I] can be specified, comma delimited, with a path.[/I]
[I] e.g. ‘osc.tcp://localhost:4444/dsp/bp,…’[/I]
[I] --osc-bp-path arg OSC MuseElements DSP messages path.[/I]