Muse IO OSC Options for URL


Hi I have been trying to send limited signals to Unity for my VR scene (non iOs or Andiord) as I wonder too many not necessary EEG signals in OSC is crashing the Unity and Middel VR.
I was looking at the commend line options for the OSC options but I am very confused :frowning:

The following data is what I need: /touching_forehead, /horseshoe and /quantization.
So according to the wb I set status url and eggurl or drlrefurl as follow.
"muse-io --device Muse-ABCD --osc-status-urls osc.udp://localhost:6000/muse/elements/touching_forehead,osc.udp://localhost:6000/muse/elements/horseshoe,osc.udp://localhost:6000/muse/elements/horseshoe --osc-eeg-urls osc.udp://localhost:6000/muse/eeg/quantization
But it turns out it does not do what it do, the output of the eeg/quantization is not what it supposed to give and I miss the normal readings from /touching_forehead, /horseshoe


In a nutshell, this is what I want, what muse-io should I type if I only want these and these only as output signals as I dont want to overload the osc channel for my listening device.

P.s. Serioulsy why cant people post more than one photo… Makes it looks like someone replied the post but actually its me who posted the second photo…