Muse io - TCP Connection Failure


Hi. I am attempting to get data from muse into my computer (windows 7) using this command line from inside the Muse folder:

muse-io --preset 14 --device muse --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000

Here is the last lines of output in command window:

bits/second: 3774 receiving at: 220.00Hz…
OSC error : No osc.tcp://[host]:[port] end-point to connect to!
TCP connection failure. Please start a listening process.

Seeking help and advice on how to setup a listening process on a specific port. Or some other way to get data into my computer, I guess in some kind of file.

Thank you.


I am now getting something with this command:

muse-io --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --dsp

The last line of output:

bits/second: 7712 receiving at: 219.65 Hz.

The bits number is increasing.

Now I will try to figure out where this data is being stored on my computer.

My goal is to get this data into a database.

Please help me find the data.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


As the bits/second keep rolling in, I opened muselab and did the following:

OSC selected on top left panel.
Incoming tab.
UDP selected.
Opened ports textbox: typed in 5000, then clicked Open Port button.
A list of incoming messages is displayed.
In the column of Msg/Sec, the numbers are changing in sync with the bits/second counter in the command windows running muse-io.

Now what do I do?

Any suggestions?


Following this tutorial:…selab/tutorial

I was able to visualize the incoming data and then record the data into a .txt file.
The file contains unreadable symbols that look like Chinese.
How do I create a file that will contain data that can be moved into a database?

Thank you for helping.


Hi loganscott,

MuseLab records .muse files, which are binary. Have you tried using MusePlayer yet? It allows you to convert Muse data to a variety of formats like plain text, CSV, and MAT.


Hi Tom. Thank you for the reply. I was just now attempting to figure out muse player. I am looking for some examples.

I think my goal with muse player is to output to an CSV file.

Could you suggest the command line for this? Here is what I tried first:

muse-player -1 5555 -C filename.csv -s 5000

Error: unrecognized arguments.


Does muse player only read prerecorded files (like the file I created from muse-io) or can it read data streaming in from the headset?


I started a data stream with this command:

muse-io --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --dsp

I recorded a .muse file in MuseLab, saved as logan1.muse.

I then used muse player to create a CSV file using this command:

muse-player -f logan1.muse -C logan1.csv.

Opened this file in Excel - everything looks great.

Now seeking information on reading/understanding the columns of data.


Hi loganscott,

You can find complete information about each line in the Developers OSC Paths DOC link bellow:

With Muse-Player you can also save direct to CSV files, no need to save a .muse file with MuseLab. With the command bellow Muse-Player take its input direct from Muse:
muse-player -l udp:5000 -C yourfile.CSV

Type muse-player -h to see all parameters available for input, output, filters and other options.

HTH, Eduardo