Muse IO / Windows 7 / Connection Failure 88



My Bluetooth application in Windows 7 can pair with the Muse but when I execute the command at the DOS prompt it just scrolls endlessly.
It’s funny the Bluetooth application says it’s paired but the light on the Muse keeps scrolling to an fro’.
If I “Connect” to “Bluetooth Serial Port Service” as a non-prescribed course of action, the lights all light up and stay solid white.

c:>muse-io --preset 14 --device muse --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000
Connection failure 165
Device to connect to: muse
No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC


c:>muse-io --device 00:06:66:54:93:0E
Connection failure 19
Device to connect to: 00:06:66:54:93:0E
No paired devices exist with matching name or MAC !

Any thoughts or recommendations?


Hi jloomm, i am getting the same error in my windows 7. Please help me if you got the answer for this problem.


Hi jloomm

Please try to find the com # for your Muse and provide that in muse-io with --com-num.
ie muse-io.exe --com-num 12 --osc.udp://localhost:5011 --preset 14

I’d also recommend you try a different port form 5000 and it may be used for another program.
You can check the active ports with:
netstat -a | find “LISTENING”

Hope that helps.