Muse iOS Plugin for Cordova or PhoneGap


I am very new here and looking for an iOS Muse based plugin for Cordova or PhoneGap.
I have started a development project myself, but I am far behind on the learning curve - it will take me some time.
I have the time; I just do not like re-inventing the wheel and could really use the help.

So, any guidance will help and be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Hi Greg,

There’s no official Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for Muse, but it looks like it is possible to call native Android code from Cordova/PhoneGap, so you could call libmuse functions that way:


Thank you Tom. I appreciate your time and effort. Still have not followed up, but plan to.


Hey @GregBaker

+1 on moral support for a Cordova / Phonegap plugin.

I find the docs for the iOS SDK to be cryptic at best when compared to the ease of muse-io and the OSC communication method.

If we could get Cordova / Phonegap to expose LibMuse as events following the same syntax as the OSC docs to a webview, the whole world opens up for rapid development of phone based apps for Muse. Now that Muse is in BestBuy and given the increased attention of late, this could hopefully be something Tom and the team consider.

Please keep me in the loop if you do make progress on this.



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