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Can a 2014 consumer model be upgraded to research firmware? If so, how?

Is the only model capable of adding the TWO additional aux electrodes the 2014 research model?

it seems if i want 500Hz @ 16 bits for 6 sites, i am limited to the 2014 research device. I have access to 4 different muse systems for research purposes and if possible would like them all to run at the same sampling rate. One is a research model, one is consumer, one i have not checked yet and the last a i do not have possession of but i was told it currently has and says he has had success having it run as a research model that was done via code.

Is there anything i can do with the devices themselves to outfit a consumer model to a research model? What features would i be losing? The devices do have two aux ports, what is the purpose of the additional aux if not for outfitting additional electrodes. I have asked for the code used to do this in an effort to attempt it on my own, but was simply informed of impedance issues surrounding do so.

i dont want a device with impedance issues, and I am curious if im being told it is possible - how it was done.

I was under the impressions that the 2014 device can go back between presets 10,12,14 while the 2014 device has presets AA,AB,AC,AD AB being the preset i wish to use.

I know it seems like a stupid question, but i am being told that it is possible for a consumer model can run the AB researcher preset - can someone please explain.

Thank you so much


Bump this. How do we go about making our 2014 consumer model compatible with the research Presets in Muse Direct? is there an additional fee for the research firmware? Is there a process by which we upgrade? the 500hz is very attractive, not to mention the two additional channels from the Aux ports. Even without the inbuilt notch filter.

Thanks in advance.


think i’ve already found the answer to this question under the firmware tab on the website…surprised I missed that, I did look last night. lol. DUH me.