Muse Monitor brainwave average over time

Anyone here has developed a way to create a average brainwave graph? A graph where you see a trend of average brainwave over time?

Hey Se7en, I’ve started to build one but I’m using the Mindflex.
I’m aiming it to be generic so it should eventually work with the Muse as well i’m hoping, though i’ve not tried developing for that device yet.

If you want me to keep you upto date you can drop me a message :slight_smile:

I would love to I have collected a CSV session per day from April this year.

Sounds good. I’ve started to do similar with the app i’m building. It can be opened in an excel sheet, but the plan is to be able to open it in the app and show averages over time.

I may create a facebook page for this just so I can get some input on what people would want. Will be great to get further feedback.

I’ll post here once I’ve set it up :slight_smile:



Hi! can we see this facebook page? Thanks!!!

have you played with MuseMonitor?

Yes museMonitor is my main recorder

hundreds of sessions, yes.

If you like this kind of graph, you can get it by the following work.

  1. Excel output of Muse monitor data
  2. Edit Excel data, calculate time average value and draw on graph

If you make one “pattern” for drawing the desired graph, you can simply paste the data you have stored.

If you have hundreds, I think it ’s hard to work.

Yes that is a start.
I was more thinking more in a month timeframe.

The daily average is in the muse monitor website for the single session

So, you mean " a trend of average brainwave over a month timeframe."
Is it right ?

I feel it is new interesting idea !

I look forward to see your example chart.

Hey all. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve finally got around to putting up a facebook page for the meditation headset app I’m developing, along with the heartrate sensor app. Here’s the link:

I’ll keep updating it as I go. Eventually I’m aiming to have it usable on any headset; Muse, Mindflex etc.

Message me there with any questions.

Martin :slight_smile:

Here it is: