Muse Monitor for Art



I’m working on interactive art exhibits where the brain waves are triggering various light and sound sequences. Some are one-off triggers like jaw clench of course, but I’m wondering if there are any interesting consistent results beyond that.

I know there are the focus and meditative modes on muse monitor but is there anything else out there. An example that comes to mind is Richard Davidson’s observation about left-right divergence.

Thanks this would be very helpful!

Speaking of the mellow and concentration modes!!! What is the OSC path for them and is it an integer or float? These are working incredibly for my purposes, regardless of their merits.


The EMG interference from eye movement on the raw EEG signal is pretty interesting. Switch to the raw EEG view in Muse Monitor and look sharply left/right/up/down. Each has a unique spike pattern, so you could use that to trigger something fun.

Regarding OSC, when enabled, Mellow is on /muse/algorithm/mellow and Concentration is /muse/algorithm/concentration. The output is a single 10Hz float.