Muse Monitor Jaw Clenching issue



Hello, so I’m trying to record jaw clenching data to a unity application through muse lab but whenever I clench my jaw the value remains at 1 and never goes back to 0. I went and checked the visualizer in muse lab as well and the mean value is stuck at 1. Is anything I can do? Also it won’t parse the accelerator as well. Any help is welcome!


The Interaxon spec for both Jaw Clench and blink artifacts are just to send a 1 when they happen.
In Muse Lab, rather than adding these via the “Visualizers” drop down you should put these under “Markers” , then when they occur, they’ll appear as a vertical bar going across your usual scrolling line graph.

For Gyro and Accelerometer, make sure you’ve got your ranges set. New visualizations by default have a min/max of 10,000, but the accelerometer data value ranges is -2:+2 g and the Gyro is -256:+256 degrees/second.

You can find full details on the Muse Monitor OSC data here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! I’ll be sure to set up the accelerometer range properly!

There is still the problem that jaw clench value stays stuck at 1 even when I relax my jaw, which is very weird. I’ve tried putting it under Markers to see the change but it stays stuck at 1. I’ve tried it on both windows and mac just to see if there was any issue with my PC. Is there a way to force reset the value every 0.5 second?


It’s always going to be 1 by design. Jaw Clench isn’t an on-going value like Alpha, it’s a single point in time indicating an event. The number one doesn’t matter, it could be anything. The point to it, is that it only gets sent when the event occurs. If you’re using Muse Lab, don’t add it to the line graph, only put a marker for it. Then you’ll just see a Marker even occur when it happens.

If you set it up correctly, it’ll look like this:


I understand what you mean. But what would I do if I want to create a game for example that makes an object move when the player clenches his/her jaw and stop moving when they relax? I had the exact same code with a muse 2014 headband and muse-io and it worked just fine, it just retrieved the float message from the headband endpoint and would react accordingly to the players jaw clenching. Here’s my code:

This config worked fine with muse 2014 and muse-io/muse direct

Any advice on this?


Here’s the second part of the code (forum did not allow me to post two images in one message)



Do something like this:

if (museHandler.jawClench == 1) {
  museHandler.jawClench =0; //stop it from triggering again


Thanks again for all the help! Although I don’t know if that’s gonna work, since that’s only gonna set it back to 0 every time I clench the jaw, whereas I want it to stay at 1 (event triggered) whilst I have my jaw clenched and go to 0 (event stopped triggering somehow) when I relax my jaw. I’m just a bit puzzled heh


There is no event for the end of a jaw clench in the Interaxon API, just the start; so you’d have to calculate that yourself from the raw data if you need it.