Muse Monitor to EEGLAB timestamp/sampling rate issue


James at Muse Monitor has been invaluable in helping out but there’s still a few questions I hope to get support with. I understand that the Muse SDK time-stamps based on buffering by the Bluetooth module. However, data collected through Muse Monitor (which should have a 256Hz sampling rate) is automatically sampled and time-stamped at 300Hz in EEGLAB. Resampling to 256Hz in EEGLAB just downsamples the record.

Looking at the RAW data exported to csv by Muse Monitor, the average “sampling rate” (estimated from the number of data points divided over a 30s difference in time-stamps) is actually around 330Hz… This difference makes it so that records are noticeably shorter after importing into EEGLAB.

I’m at a loss as to how to interpret / work with the time-stamps.