Muse-Monitor UDP stream bandpower values


Hello Enigma,

I’m happy with the CSV recording in Muse-Monitor, because I get the values for delta-theta on all 4 channels. But when I open a UDP stream to port 5000 and ‘catch’ the data on my Windows PC there is only 1 value for delta, alpha etc in the OSC stream.

f.e. in CSV format … muse/elements/theta_absolute f 0.03
f.e. in OSC format … /muse/elements/alpha_absolute___,f__?__Ä

I tried to change settings in the MuseMonitor App but nothing seems to work.
Since I want to do research on neurofeedback and muse-IO does not work with MU-2 I’m dependant on your ‘stream’. Please can you help me out ?



This is intentional. Less data in the OSC stream means less for the phone to process and less data streaming over the Wifi network. The UDP protocol is designed for streaming data, but it is also designed to allow for packet loss, which is obviously not ideal when capturing EEG data!

Since bandwidth values are calculated from the raw EEG (which is included in the OSC stream per channel), really you don’t need them included at all.

I will look at adding an option for individual values in the OSC stream, but I’ll need to run some network tests on lower end devices to make sure it doesn’t overload them.

Please email me using the support button at the bottom of the in app help, which will send me your device specs and I might be able to send you a beta version with this feature fairly quickly.


Hello Enigma,
I understand your arguments. Calculating the bandwidth values from the raw EEG means integrating a FFT analysis in my sofware I guess? But maybe that’s not what you mean.
Anyway, it would be great to receive your beta version. So I did send you a email with the specifications.
Thanks for your help!