Muse not discoverable on Mac's bluetooth devices



I am trying to use muse 2016 with muse-io.
When I put Muse device in bluetooth pairing mode I can see it in chromes bluetooth for this app.
But I check it on available bluetooth devices to pair with my mac I cannot find it.

OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

Any help ?


I think only Muse 2014 version can pair up with MuseIO. If you want to stream EEG and visualize it, Muse Direct is a good one (for the 2016 version). Although you would need an IOS device or windows 10.


I am having the same problem. Just bought. So is there no way to connect a muse to a mac computer? How about the SDK kit? Or anything like that?


I don’t think there is a SDK kit for OSX either. The best solution is Muse Direct. You can use either windows 10 or IOS version of Muse Direct to stream to your macbook. Then you can use MuseLab (a free app on to receive, record, visulize the EEG data.


Looks like there is no “Muse DIRECT” for Mac. See:

“Supported Platform: Windows 10”