Muse not pairing anymore


I used the muse for 1 week. 12 minutes of total sessions. Today, when I tried to use the muse, it would not recognize the blue tooth and pair properly. I troubleshooted all the steps. I forgot network, turned on and off bluetooth, restarted my phone, but it still does not work.

The device shows up on my bluetooth screen and is paired, but I am stuck on the loading screen where it tells me to wait 1 minute to connect.

ANy help with this issue? Thanks!


As for care, I kept it in the hardcase, did not drop it or anything. It’s ideal care.


You probably just need to charge the Muse batter.

I’d recommend letting it charge for at least 3 hours, then try connecting again. If it says it’s fully charged after 20 minutes, ignore that and let it trickle charge for the full 3 hours.

If you still have problems connecting, then I’d recommend giving Interaxon customer care a call and I’m sure they’ll sort you out :slight_smile: