Muse-player.exe (windows) is missing from Muse-Player download package (


What am I missing here?

Yeah, I’ve looked all over the download that I downloaded from here:


There is no .EXE in there. There is no file “muse-player” file to rename as described here: NOTE: these examples are for Mac and Linux, but the only difference on Windows is that you may have to include a “.exe” suffix on the muse-player command.

In that zip there are only 2 files with the name “muse-player”:

Both of which will of course not work if renamed. There is no muse-player./exe command in this zip.

Every place says there is a muse-player.exe (or muse-player.exe on Windows) in the package.

I’m being wildly stupid I know, but I am at a loss. I must be reading multiple webpages wrong, certainly there can’t be this many blatant errors.


That bit bucket link is for the source code, which doesn’t include the exe.

Go here:
Select your OS (Windows) and click the big download button at the top which reads “Download Tools for Windows”

As of today the current Windows version is on this link.


Thanks. All of those webpage links I provided says the download is in the wrong location. All. 100%. Muse needs to update their webpages or change their vernacular.