Muse-player. I can't convert files .muse to .mat


Hi. I’m new using muse tools here. I have had some troubles when I try to convert format .muse to .mat

I’m going to describe the process and I hope you can help me.
My main purpose is convert muse data (.muse) to matlab data (.mat)

I have a muse 2016 headband. I’m using windows 10. The first thing, obviusly, I paired muse with muse tools to record a data fragment. Then, I get a file .muse, which I want to convert to .mat, but when I tried to do it, I got some issues when I try to write in console. It is the first time that have to run a tool from the console, so, I don’t know if i’m doing well.

In the attachment file you will see how i’m writing and the mistake I got.

I follow some topics from here but finally I don’t understand what happen.mistake


You have a space in the input file path (Antonio Meza). Wrap the whole path in double quotes.


Thank you so much for your replaying. I have tried both recommendation (deleting space “AntonioMeza” and double quotes) but I continue having similar error. Even I tried some variations in the route but i have the same problem

I’m intuiting that could be something related with library in python because in both cases I have had the same error reference "File “D:\Jenkins\workspace\MusePlayer-Win32-1.8.x\build\muse-player\out00-PYZ.pyz\threading”

I will keep seeking and If I found something I will share here.


Hi. At some point I solve somethin. In fact, thank for the “Enigma644’s help”.
In the attachment you will see how I wrote the instruction.

Now I realize another problem :sweat_smile: : I tested it with my computer and it worked for a long time and nothing happened.

I tested with another computer, it worked for 5 minutes, and it finished but i have not found the final file in the computer :sweat: where supposedly the file is saved?


Thank to the post of @cbillard , I found a solution in converting files.

The link of the post was: Convert file generated by MuseDirect to .mat?

And the video:

Maybe this is a very simple post but finally I could solve. I hope it helps to somebody.