Muse-player not working in command line


I have installed everything related to the Muse SDK including the Bitbucket project for MusePlayer. After install everything running muse-player in the command line does not work.

I am using Homebrew as my package manager

System Information:

Mac OS 10.9
Python Version 2.7.9

Is there something additional you have to do in order bind the muse-player command to the bash profile?


Hi mcclaskiem,

Is there a specific error that you’re seeing? What is the output when you try to run muse-player? Please copy-and-paste it here.

So just to be clear, have you installed the Muse SDK Tools using the installer from in addition to manually installing dependencies for the muse-player project? Are you trying to develop muse-player, or just use it? If you just want to use it, all you need to do is run the Muse SDK Tools installer. The installer will take care of all the dependencies for you.

If you haven’t run the Muse SDK Tools installer, then the directory containing the muse-player executable will not be in your path. You will have to add it. Furthermore, the Muse SDK Tools installer will link to its own build of muse-player that it places in /Applications/Muse, NOT the one you may have in a clone of the muse-player repo somewhere else on your machine.


Hi Tom,

I am trying to get the muse-player to run through the command line so that I can eventually map the data to an external web app rather than just simply viewing it through the Muse SDK.

I went through all the steps listed on BitBucket and have the repo locally but I cant run any of the commands listed here:

saying that the “command not found”


What directory are you trying to run it from? The build script in the muse-player repo doesn’t add anything to your path. It just builds the executable. So when you build muse-player, you will not end up with a command that you can invoke from anywhere on your machine. You’ll have to directly run the executable that gets placed in museplayer/dist