Muse-player server error 10048 in bind(): Unknown error



I have followed the installation instructions here and I get an error when trying to run muse-player, the CSV file (in this case abc.csv) is empty, I have tried with different outputs and the error is the same. The error is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Muse>python -l 5000 -C abc.csv

  • OSC port: 5000 (Hit Control-C to stop)


  • CSV file: abc.csv
    server error 10048 in bind(): Unknown error
    forrtl: error (200): program aborting due to control-C event Image PC Routine Line Source
    KERNEL32.DLL 759F919F Unknown Unknown Unknown
    ntdll.dll 777CA8CB Unknown Unknown Unknown
    ntdll.dll 777CA8A1 Unknown Unknown Unknown

What am I missing?

My system is W8.1 64b



Hey! Yes, we could report better feedback here. That is a windows error for address already in use. Maybe a second terminal is open with the same command line or muse-lab is already listening on that port?


I do not have either a second terminal open or another program that uses the port (5000). Any other cause for that error?


Could you try different ports and see if you can find an open one? Examples: 5001, 5440, 6000, 7000…