Muse-Player won't convert .muse to .mat



I have Muse Player and have a .muse file. I was able to successfully convert the file into a .csv file, however when trying to convert a .mat file for MATLAB, I get the following error:

I am going to assume that this is a Python related issue but my knowledge with this type of problem is very limited and am doing my best to find solutions. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: The following line was also printed after the UnboundLocalError:

Input Output Size Mismatch: Data in: 364843 Data out: 22 File: ['D:\\Muse\\recordings\\myRecording.muse']

I am using Muse-Player version 1.8.4.


Have you tried converting with MuseDirect Cloud? It’s free and supports Matlab file formats.


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the quick reply and for the link - I had no idea about it and looks really easy to use.

I’ve uploaded my .muse file but I can’t seem to download it as a .m file for MATLAB. The only options are FIF, CSV, JSON, or EDF. I’m not very familiar with these file types apart from CSV. Is it possible to have it converted to a .m file for MATLAB? I tried with Muse-Player but have the issue as written in my original post.

Thanks in advance.


For anyone who planned to do this to load the EEG Data into MATLAB with EEGLAB, I have discovered that EEGLAB has a Muse Plugin that reads the file as a CSV and so conversion into a .mat format is not required. Whilst I still have not been able to find a solution as to why the Muse-Player conversion to .mat did not work, this is a sufficient bypass. A reminder that Muse-Player can still convert .muse to .csv, but I have not tried other formats.