Muse Plugin Configuration


I would like to clarify whether I have configured the settings properly for me to actually start modifying the codes to fit for my project. I have followed the configurations based from this link but am unsure whether I have done it correctly.

What I have done is copying the Assets from the libmuse 6.0.0 to the folder under the android project project_name\app\build\intermediates\Assets

and added this string of lines into the build.gradle as from the instructions given from the video

task deleteOldJar (type: Delete){
delete ‘release/AndroidPlugin.jar’

task exportJar(type: Copy){
rename(‘classes.jar’, ‘AndroidPlugin.jar’)

exportJar.dependsOn(deleteOldJar, build)

No problems so far in exporting the Jar file but the Java file it copied was exactly the same as a when open a new basic activity file even though I specifically asked to include from the LibmuseUnityAndroid provided from the libmuse 6.0.0. Is it the expected file?

The document mentioned that If I wanted to modify the program, I should modify the LibmuseUnityAndroid,Java file. So there’s 2 question arises for me from this statement:

  1. The Java file can only be done through AndroidStudio?
  2. Can I just modify the SampleApp.cs file without disturbing the LibmuseUnityAndroid.Java file?

Hope to hear from someone who can guide this lost sheep to the right path