Muse Port: A Max for Live device that streams Muse data in Ableton Live


Version 1.3 update

Version 1.3 parses the OSC messages in a more robust way, which can be necessary when dealing with Muse Direct.
Also included are three minor update versions that handle the differences in the OSC incurred by routing through a mobile app like Muse Monitor:
1.3.1 - has the alpha and gamma brain waves reinstated in place of Mellow and Concentration which are deprecated in the mobile API.
1.3.2 - in addition, blink and jaw_clench have a default 100 ms delay between on and off which compensates for the way the mobile API handles these messages.
1.3.3 - alpha and gamma are reinstated and blink and jaw_clench toggle on and off, which is often more useful in practice. If you want to turn some parameter on by blinking and then turn it off again later by blinking again, you may want to use this version, regardless of whether you are routing through Muse Monitor.


Does this work with both the old and new headbands?


It does indeed.