Muse S for lucid dreaming!

I was wondering if Muse S could be used for lucid dreaming audio cues?


I really hope so, I’d say the foundation and the interface are set, it should be possible. Would love for them to develop this!

Yes, I tried to develop an app for lucid dreaming, but it’s very uncomfortable to sleep in old device. Also 1-1.5 hour of charge and signal drop. If Muse S can hold 8 hours charge and has valid lucid dreaming app, I’d buy it as well.

That’s a very interesting topic. I have had some experiences with with zero sleep manager.

I recently purchased music s and I have been recording my raw brainwaves. I must add that is very comfortable to sleep with the new headband. It easily holds the battery and I haven’t had any problems sleeping for 9 hours.

We just need a good team to analyze the data create an app with a sleek interface if you’re interested please just send me a message and we can discuss it more