Muse S

What do you all think of the new Muse S?
I was a user of the Zeo sleep tracking headband back in the day, and really enjoyed it. So I am excited for the Muse S to fill that void. While also being a more comfortable day-time headband. It’s very pricey though, I gotta say.


This looks way more comfortable than the previous models and probably gets a better EEG signal since the electrodes will be flush with your head.

I currently have the MUSE 1 but I’m wondering how much higher quality the EEG signal is with the MUSE S because if it’s significantly better I’m ready to drop the cash to buy it right away.

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I’ve been using the Muse S for nearly a month now and it is significantly better than the Muse 2. It fits so comfortably on your head that you forget that its there, and the EEG electrodes are 1000 times better than the Muse 2 also. It’s very easy to sleep with it on, and I roll around in bed a lot till I’m comfortable and the Muse S never really loses the signal.
If your into this kind of thing then it’s definitely worth the pricey price tag.

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I guess you’re lucky then. I updated from the original Muse to the Muse S but I regret it. To get a decent signal I need to wear the band very tight, otherwise I get constant signal drops. As the band is too tight I can’t focus and my meditation scores are way lower then with the original Muse…

Also mind monitor is not working good with the Muse S (even more signal drops)

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