Muse SDK 3.2.2 Released


[B][SIZE=22px]Muse SDK 3.2.2 Released[/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE=20px]Download here [/SIZE]

Hey there Muse developers! You may have noticed that there’s a new version of the Muse SDK available for download on our developer site!

Muse SDK 3.2.2 includes support for the HDF5 file format (first introduced in 3.2.0) and several important bug fixes for MusePlayer, MuseIO, and the SDK installer. Please see the release notes for details. We highly recommend that you update to this latest version to ensure increased stability and ease of development.

[SIZE=22px]Release Notes[/SIZE]


[SIZE=16px][B]Muse-player 1.8.4[/B][/SIZE]
  • Fixed a hang at end of input when using OSC input (the file would complete processing, but at the end muse-player would sit there forever)
  • Fixed an occasional hang on Windows with Muse file input
  • Fixed control-C showing an exception
  • Fixed bug in MATLAB output for /muse/elements
  • Fixed crash with Unicode in MATLAB(HDF5) files
  • Only print output when stdout is a terminal, useful when running Muse-Player in the background
[SIZE=16px][B]Muse-IO 3.6.4[/B][/SIZE]
  • Fixed bug on Windows where 50hz/60hz EMI filter command-line option did not work