Muse SDK + Google VR SDK on Unity iOS = builds, but crashes immediately



Product: LibmuseUnityIos & Muse.Framework
Version: 6.0.3
Platform: iOS

Description: I want to make an iOS app with both Google VR and Muse.

Expected behaviour: Build a project with both SDKS, and have an app where you can use a Muse headset with Google VR at the same time. Cool, yeah?

Actual behaviour: Both Google VR and Muse SDKs work fine for me independently, and on Android they work together, but on iOS the project will build in Unity, build in Xcode, and then fail as soon as it starts running.

Steps to reproduce:

Combined Google VR Unity example project (Version: v1.130.1), and the Muse for Unity iOS example project:

  • Take the example Google VR scene “HelloVR”, and add the Muse “Sample App” script to the scene.
  • Remove the Google VR android instant preview object from the scene, since that only works for android.
  • The plugins folder has all the Muse for Unity iOS files in it, just like the Muse for Unity iOS example project has.
  • Build for iOS.
  • In the resulting Xcode project, add external accessory framework, and core bluetooth framework.
  • Build to an iPhone/iPad. It builds and installs. It crashes as soon as it starts running.

Mind, I created this example just to reproduce the error. The error occurs in the exact same way in my real project, which has a lot more going on of course.

I include a screenshot of the error


Thanks for the bug report! We will add it to our list here at Muse HQ.


Thank you, it’s much appreciated! Please let me know if I can provide any more information, I am happy to help. :smile:


I posted the same error here on the Google VR github:
I know other people are having this issue, too. @paulb Any news yet on the issue? Anything I can do to help? Thanks! :sunny:


I know this is an old thread, but I have a similar issue with Muse + ARCore (Google AR) on iOS.

The thing is that I’m merging multiple Unity projects into one: one of them uses ARCore and the other one uses Muse. I can successfully build the project in Unity and iOS and install it on iPhone, but the app crashes as soon as it starts with the same EXC_BAD_ACCESS error. The app works if I omit either of the two projects.