Muse SDK separated into Muse SDK Tools (3.4.1) and LibMuse (1.0.1)


Hi Muse developers,

Based on feedback from several developers, we’ve separated the Muse SDK into two components: the Muse SDK Tools (MuseLab, MuseIO, and MusePlayer) and LibMuse. These can both be downloaded as separate installers from

We’ve also made several improvements to LibMuse already and released them in LibMuse 1.0.1. Here’s a quick summary:

LibMuse 1.0.1 changes:

  • [SIZE=13px]Better error handling[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13px]Documentation improvements (added info about threading and exceptions)[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13px]Link C++ lib statically[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13px]Added new API to MuseManager class to allow to scan for Muse headbands which have custom names[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13px]Split libmuse and MuseSDK installers[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13px]Provided linux-x64 installer[/SIZE]