Muse Sensitivity Loss


I just sent the following message to customer support but wondered whether anyone else has experienced this issue:

Hi - a client has experienced this problem with a new Muse headband I supplied to him in January. It relates to what appears to be false reporting of calmness when subjectively that is not the case and even when he tries to have the unit detect lack of calmness and lack of focus (purposeful) the headband/app does not detect this as being an active state of mind. Here is his report:

“When I first started using it, everything worked fine and I felt like it recognised when my mind was wandering, but in early January I started to find that the noise level wasn’t changing at all, and I began to get these crazy reports where it said 98% calm even though I couldn’t sit still and even actively tried to make the sound increase by getting up and moving around. I thought the problem might be past data since I had let a friend try it and didn’t delete the session, so I made a new account and used that, which worked for one, maybe two sessions before I encountered the same problem again. I’ve tried cleaning the headset, but I still get the same problem. I’m using the Android app on an HTC One m9”

He described that uninstalling the Android app, reinstalling it, logging in, and using the app appears to temporarily fix the problem but after a few meditations it resumes. He assures me that he is following instructions during each calibration. Thanks for your help!

Stephen White, M.A., C.Psych.