Muse Serve never works!


Product: Muse

Description: Muse’s Android app never works due to ‘Something wrong with server’ error message whenever I try to log into the app. Muse forum offers no help despite many others with this same issue… Why is this still an ongoing problem and what is being done to resolve it? I will be returning the 2 Muse headsets I bought for Christmas if I don’t have an answer asap. It seems everyone else who has asked has heard ‘crickets’ from Muse tech support.

Terrible product quality, customer service and tech support.

Expected behaviour: An app and sever that actually work and allow you to use the headset that you purchased.

Actual behaviour: App and server do not work. Server has issues preventing access to device’s required internet platform, rendering product useless.

Steps to reproduce: Try signing into the android app…servers are inaccessible.