Muse Session possibly effected by hormone imbalance - Cortisol

Ive been meditating on ‘Following the Breath’ for almost 2 years and as im self taught I thought id buy the Muse S Headband. Well after 2 years practice I have managed to quieten that voice in my head that used to think for me, ive heard it called the ‘Thinker’ or ‘Ego’ or ‘Editor’. That voice is completely silent to me now unless I choose to use it for creative purposes such as art or engineering design. So I feel im qualified enough to say that during my meditation when I have been sat calm for some time listening to the birds tweet and feeling the air on my throat that when my Muse app switches to harsh rain for no reason, their is an issue that is effecting the app that I am not aware of??? :thinking: :thinking:

Ive tried to contact Muse Support with only 1 fob off email guiding me to the starters guide to getting a good connection. Which was helpful but after using conductive gel I realised the issue was still there, after further testing the issue remained and ive had no reply from Muse support.

My theory is that the Muse device picks up on the 4 sensors (heart, breath, motion and brain) but what if my brain and the app is being effected by a medical issue such as the Adrenal Glands which are directly connected to the brain and produce over 50 known hormones? Personally I think my adrenal gland issues led me to meditation, stress with the over thinking mind but currently im being woken up between 5:30 and 8:30am with what I think is a cortisol, so my morning meditation sessions are stressful, im also tired but the main symptom is a wave of heavy rain sound coming from the Muse app every few seconds like a wave. As you can see im calm but I get these spikes of stress being detected but from my perspective nothing has changed, im still focussed on my breath. When I first bought the Muse S I thought it was broken.
The reason I think this is caused by Cortisol is due to the results differing in the evening when cortisol levels drop and my results go from morning sessions at 20-40% (8am -12am) to Evening sessions 60% -90% (13 -22pm) that’s a big difference

Anyone else had strange results?

Talk to a doctor, you’ll need various tests to be performed to determine if hormone levels have changed.