Muse Shipping Time



How long is Interaxon taking to ship a Muse ? is it still 6 to 8 weeks ?

I live in Brazil, and our customs fees more than double the final price, so my only option is asking shipping to my friend who lives in Miami/Forida USA - this way he can bring it to me with his luggage and customs taxes will be zero ! (there are no taxes when you come from abroad). He comes to Brazil twice a year and had planned to come in September, but antecipated his trip to the end of next week, by July, 18.
If I buy it this weekend is it possible to get it delivered to Florida till next friday ?

I have been following this forum since begining of May and I have plans to develop a lot of things for the Windows and Android platforms (Samsung tablet TAB 3 16GB) to see if it can help me with my CBT trainings, and of course, I will share what I got with the community.

Thanks for the sooner answer as possible,



Hey Eduardo,

I can tell you’re really eager to get your hands on the Muse! I hope you find the following morsels of info helpful.

I just received my Muse today (7/18), four days after I received the email (7/14) telling me it was shipped.
My dad just got his “shipped” email this evening.
We both invested at the “Developer’s Muse” level during the Indiegogo campaign, and I think my dad sent his money a few days after I did (10/26/2012). So, if I had to guess I’d say that they’re shipping them out in order of who invested first. The campaign ran until 12/7/2012 so I’d guess that there’s still a long line to get through before they start shipping to new customers.

The device feels great and I’m really happy to have it after such a long wait! But it’s function is currently limited to the Calm app, which is interesting but I want to see what this baby can really do! I started installing the SDK but I got a little intimidated because my technical/programming knowledge leaves much to be desired. I’ll probably return to it when I have more time.

I hope you’re able to acquire one soon! We really need to get these in the hands of serious developers ASAP!


Hi PsiPhiFrog,

Thanks a lot for your reply. You are absolutely correct, I was too eager to get my Muse.

After reading your post I saw many other (specially at Indiegogo messages section) where Indiegogo sponsors complained for not having received their Muses yet.
I then decided to take a break from following this forum to reduce my anxiety, until I saw a post from Trevor in another thread that brought my confidence back.
(see the last post from Trevor Coleman at this thread:

I finnaly made my purchase about two weeks ago and I hope to be able to get it in about a month.
Anyway I will have to wait until mid-September when my friend from Miami will be back to Brazil.

I have worked with computer programming for over 30 years, but never at this low level.
Let’s see where I can get and hope that others more qualified programmers will come to help us all.


I bought the black one. And it arrived in less than a week. And I live in Spain.