Muse to control smart LED bulb


Hi guys,

I wonder if there’s a way to control smart bulb by Muse? Now I can control the bulb in local network via socket, I want to use muse to control the bulb with simple command(on/off), but I don’t know if it is workable. So could you give me some hints.
Thanks in advance!



Unfortunately the Muse can’t read thoughts so thinking ‘turn on LED’ won’t work.

But you can influence which brain wave is more dominant, so for instance you can raise the alpha wave while lowering the other waves.

But the best way to create a signal is to blink. That creates a similar spike in the consolidated signal, using EEG 101 app, every time you blink.

I’m not sure how to feed that signal to the LED app though. But it may be a start.


Although personally I think it is cheating (e.g. not using brain waves but muscle power)

you could also use the measurements from the ACCELEROMETER and GYRO values from the headband using Muse Monitor to control the LED app, by either blinking or raising your eyebrows up and down.


I tried this a couple months ago, meaning to turn it into a biofeedback app. I’ve been busy with school so I haven’t worked on it much lately, but here’s the link to the repository if you want to mess around with it:

I tried using Blinks to start, but it’s not really handy for turning a light on/off, because you can’t avoid blinking if you don’t want to switch your lights. I agree with koan above, the accel/gyro would be better if you could figure out a good gesture to trigger, maybe nodding your head.