Muse Unity3D Conneciton



I was wondering if someone has created a Muse Connection in Unity3D C#.



Yes I agree this would be awesome as Unity 3D seems to be a bit of a standard at the moment. I have recently purchased a Durovis Dive that uses a smart phone as the screen and gyro sensors behind Virtual Reality games. This means no cables just free movement. Adding a brain feedback connection to unity 3D would allows games on this platform to take on a whole new level of interaction. I am building a Virtual Tardis at the moment and making it dissappear and re-appear using only your mind would be awesome! Not really got a clue how to start integrating it though?!


This is really unfortunate that this has not been able to happen. I very much was hoping to include Muse support for NeuroMage at the upcoming conference…!exhibitors/c1gbe

Now if you look down that list of exhibitors in that list you will see that NeuroMage, at a gaming conference that should have 10 games for every piece of hardware, is really the only major game that is exhibiting at the conference. I’m speaking on one of the expert panels at the conference and also have a booth as well there. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate Muse support for what is certainly one of the most anticipated Neuro games at the conference.

Here is a very early trailer of the game… but it has improved 500% since then… minion battles, tower defense and far improved graphics:

So right now NeuroMage is on NeuroSky Mobile Mindwave primarily because there are native Unity projects to work from in C#.

Unfortunately when it comes to Android and mobile… their SDK is giving me all kind of issues in Unity 5. So I don’t want anyone to think this is a problem with just the Muse. This is a systematic problem across the board with pretty much every EEG device I’ve been dealing with.

I do appreciate the help people have tried to provide me on here. It’s a paradox as I have people on one side saying they know nothing about Unity… and on the other side people who are actually making the games that get published and pushed out on to the app stores who don’t have the tools to work with and are too busy to mess with SDK’s and libraries that are not Unity ready.

So even when offering to pay people, and pay them well… reaching out on forums and trying to piece it altogether; once you step out of the Unity world you lose 90% of the great game developers. And the best have so much work they push fast and hard to get new games out. They won’t take projects in which there are blind spots or they can’t specifically say it will cost $XXX.

I’m still somewhat optimistic I will have something for Muse but it is costing me lots of money… In the thousands of dollars out of my own pocket to find the experts that can make this happen by the time this conference goes down. It is mind blowing companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building these hardware products and yet when it comes to where 90% of the development is for published games… Unity… the tools are just not there.

There simply needs to be a free SDK on Unity’s asset store with a sample project you can download and it just works for PC/Mac, Android, and iOS. What it takes to actually do that is obviously the gap I’m trying to close. But it is brutal to do it for one game when if that project was there… people would be cranking out games left and right for this stuff.

If someone reading this thinks they can get a build in Unity to work on Android with the Muse… please contact me… I can pay for that solution but I need it a month ago.



Making some progress. If I get a solid Unity3D build I can share I’ll let you know.


Hi, anyone got an update on that? We could really use this. Any news on the PC library release?


Are there any update on Muse connection in Unity? We could really use that! Any update on the PC library? Thanks.