Muse used with other programs


I have been using “Wild Divine” for several year. I like the Muse better. For one it’s more portable. I have been using the Muse while doing meditation in the Wild Divine and helps me maintain a deeper level. The Muse even helped me get through one of the harder levels at the “Temple.” I was wondering if anyone else was doing similar comparisons with other programs. My only regret with the Muse is that it only goes up to 12 minute.


I agree about the 12 minute limitation. I really like to have 30min or even an hour.


Hey thanks for the feedback – we’ll look at adding a longer session option in a future release.

Also, we’re big fans of Wild Devine. Kurt Smith, the founder, is actually an advisor to our company!


Might be a good opportunity for direct integration: Muse & Wild Divine.


Is there a technical problem with having longer sessions? To me it is a no-brainer that they are required! I know to someone new to meditation, 12 minutes seems like a long time, but for serious mediators 60 minutes is required!!!


It does cause some data visualization problems, but we’re working on those. Look for longer sessions in a update soon!