Muse will pair but will not stay connected to my mac


I am able to get the Muse device to pair with Mac OS X. However, it will not stay paired.
On the mac I see the connection state varying from “Connected” to “Not Connected”.
When the state switches to “Not Connected” I observe the LEDs on the Muse devices searching for a connection.

It constantly varies between “Connected” and “Not Connected”.
I need a stable connection.
What do I do?

Here are the details of my environment:


Hey Alex,

Are you running MuseIO? In the Mac Bluetooth menu, after pairing, the state will first show “Connected” for a few seconds and then “Disconnected”. This is normal. The pairing has been successful, but the device is not connected because no program (such as MuseIO) has tried to connect to it following pairing.


Hey Tom,

Thanks for the response. Yes. This was happening while MuseIO was running. I thought that MuseIO might actually be causing the problem so I shut it down but the problem persisted. Perhaps I was running MuseIO incorrectly? I will experiment.


If you have access to an Android device, can you download the Muse app and check to see if your firmware is up to date?

You can do this by going to Settings -> Check for Updates in the Android app.

If your firmware is out of date please update it through the Android app and try pairing with your computer and connecting with MuseIO again. Firmware updates are currently available through the Android app only, although the feature is soon to be integrated into the iOS version as well.


I was able to successfully use an android device to update the firmware.
I am able to maintain a bluetooth connection while ‘muse-io’ is running.