Muse with Max MSP


Just wondering if many people have used Muse with Max msp and how hard is it to send OSC messages to Max. Also which headband would be best suited Muse or Muse 2.
Any links to tutorials or other documentation would be appreciated.



OSC Streaming with Muse Monitor is super simple. You just put your Mac/PC ip address in Muse Monitor’s settings as the “OSC Stream Target IP”, then press the stream button :slight_smile:
You can find Muse Monitor’s OSC spec here.

I’ve don’t personally have Max msp, but I’ve heard from other people using it successfully with Muse Monitor.

Regarding the Muse vs Muse 2, they are both exactly the same for streaming. Personally I’ve found I get cleaner data from the older 2016 Muse, as the new 2018 Muse 2 has the PPG (heart/blood oxygen) sensor placed right next to the AF7 sensor, but they’re both great.


Thanks very much, that makes more sense now.


Another quick question, does the Muse work over a wired connection too or only over Bluetooth.


Only bluetooth. If you plug it in, it turns off and switches to charge mode.


Thank you again my man.