MuseDirect cloud - how to read the results


I have currently been using Muse Direct for a study I am conducting at school. I want to see if certain sounds have an affect on adolescent stress levels. I am looking to see if the participants are calm or stressed during the 5-minute duration of listening to the audio clips.

I was wondering what the numbers in the CSV file stand for when the muse file is downloaded from MuseDirect cloud into a CSV file. For example, I am looking at alpha waves to determine if someone is in a relaxed state while listening to the noise, which number from the CSV file would I look at to see if the are in a relaxed state and what level of relaxed they are. What is the difference between alpha 1, 2, 3, and 4, and between the absolute, relative, and session score?

Another question I have is on the time stamps on the left hand side of the CSV file. I record on Muse Direct for 5 minutes; however, when I look at the CSV file, the timestamp does not start at 0.
How would this particular section of the datasheet be read with the timestamp?
What would be a good calculation for calm? Is alpha the best representation or would beta be better to determine stress/calm levels.