MuseLab Java Application


Hey all,

Been lurking these boards for a few weeks now and I greatly appreciate all the info you guys have provided. At this point, I have pretty much exhausted my troubleshooting abilities of knowledge. My device is connected and sending data as evidenced by MuseIO as well as BrainBay. However the MuseLab app refuses to show me any visual data whatsoever. I’ve toyed with countless settings, updated Java, disabled previous versions, uninstalled/reinstalled, all to no avail. I’m continually greeted with a bare grey screen that chooses to (sometimes) refresh only after minimizing and restoring the window. Even when it does this “refresh”, the most I’ll get is a black screen instead of a grey one. No visualizer. I’m running windows 7, any help would be valued tremendously!


I would make sure that Java is working for other apps on your computer.