MuseLab streaming and visualizer work...Can't record


Hi–I am using Muse Monitor (which is awesome) to stream the data to my Windows 10 computer. I can get a nice visualization of the data coming in that I want, so I know the connection is working. When I go to the record tab, I hit the record button and nothing happens. the elapsed time stays at 0.00 and it is clear no recording is happening. Any ideas? Maybe I have missed something obvious in my setup?
Thanks for any help you can give me on this.


Are you using the latest Muse? The one with the button painted?


Yes. 2016 version


James from Muse Monitor helped me figure out the problem. It was a permissions issue with windows 10. I just had to record the data to a different directory. WIndows 10 did not want me recording to the program directory.


if you want to record muse 2016 EEG signal this application do for you in XML format and transferred to laptop in realtime.


Thank you for sharing it… I had the same problem and it works!