museListChanged not called?


In MuseStatsIos, I am finding that although it implements IXNMuseListener, museListChanged is never called.



museListChanged is only called if the IXNMuseManager is listening, otherwise the events are not sent. IXNMuseManager starts listening when “Scan” is pressed in MuseStatsIos.

Some other things to check:

  • Bluetooth has to be on to detect the headbands.
  • Muse 2014 headbands (2 USB ports) have to be paired in Bluetooth Settings before they are recognized.
  • When a headband is turned off, it is not removed from the list right away. For Muse 2014 headbands, it can take up to 20 seconds before iOS decides that the headband has disconnected and the museLIstChanged event is sent. Muse 2016 headbands are removed 30 seconds after the device loses contact with the headband, but this can be changed through IXNMuseManager::removeFromListAfter.