How do I play back the recording that I have recorded in MuseLab? Can the MuseLab play back the recording?
Or I need to use the MusePlayer to play back the recording? If so, I have a problem with launching the MusePlayer.
Whenever I click on the MusePlayer Application, it disappears in the background.


Hi tienchern,

You need Muse-Player to play back the recording of a MuseLab yourfile.muse (saved by default at your muse directory installation: …\muse\recordings)
Muse-Player is a command line utility. If you just double-click it, it opens a command window, briefly shows the help message and closes.

Instead, manually open a command prompt window (in Windows, run “cmd”, or Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt)

  • change to the directory where your .muse file is saved and,
  • type: muse-player --help to get all parameters available
    or just to replay: muse-player -f yourfile.muse -s osc.udp://localhost:5000
  • now you can open MuseLab, connect to UDP port 5000 and procced like you do with muse-io.

Note: If you plan to use any of the parameters that enables you to save to a different format file (like .CSV or .OSC or MatLab), make sure you have administrative privileges on that directory, or choose another user directory outside of the system files when saving your MuseLab’s files.

HTH, Eduardo

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