MuseSDK 3.2.0: IOS connection using muse-io


[h=2]MuseSDK 3.2.0: IOS connection using muse-io[/h]

How come connection working when I m using iOS simulator and not when the same code running on iOS device?.. Is there an additional config need to be set on the iOS device?


using : [SIZE=11px]muse-io --preset 14 --device Muse --dsp --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000[/SIZE]



MuseIO is meant to be run on a laptop/desktop computer, not a mobile device. It’s interesting that it was possible at all to run it successfully in the iOS simulator, but it is not intended or designed for that. The iOS simulator is using the Bluetooth hardware/firmware/stack of your computer to establish the connection. However, the Bluetooth hardware/firmware/stack situation on your iOS device is different than on your computer, which may be part of the reason it didn’t work.

When we update the SDK with native iOS support (to be released in January or February), it’ll be way easier to write Muse apps than trying to repurpose MuseIO.


Wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnderfull then!..

I will be patient and be looking forward to get the update… like a Christmas gift???..


Thank you very much Tom… And a great Merry Christmas to you!