MuseSDKv2 Released!


[B]Hello Musers -
Wanted to share the good news with you that we have released version 2 of the MuseSDK! Please share your feedback here and let us know if you have any questions or find any bugs![/B]

[B]Download it here:[/B]

[h=2][SIZE=22px]SDKv2 - June 24, 2014[/SIZE][/h] [B]What’s new:[/B]

  • [B]MuseIO 3.2.0[/B] [LIST]
  • The first version of Muse Elements - our basic DSP package for developers: [LIST]
  • Blink event
  • Jaw Clench event
  • Relative band powers for each channel: alpha, beta, gamma, theta, delta, and low frequencies
  • FFT for each channel
  • Proper fit indicator for each channel
  • Data quality indicator for each channel
  • Aligned MuseIO OSC messages and Muse file format v2.
  • TCP support [/LIST]
  • [B]MuseLab 1.6.0[/B]
    • Headset indicator to indicate proper fit
    • Battery level indicator
    • Added support for TCP connections
    • Recorded sessions now record to Muse file format version 2.
    • Stationary line graph improvements: [LIST]
    • Allow user to mark ranges on the stationary line graph
    • Display title
    • Display legend
    • Ability to hide grid lines
    • Ability to choose number of grid lines
    • Exponential magnify area of line graph
    • Adjust position of magnification
    • Override master time
  • Minor improvements
    • Individual changes to time in a visualizer are now loaded from config file
    • OSC incoming messages now have a right/left scrollbar
    • Position and strength are now saved for static line graph
  • [B]MusePlayer 1.0.0[/B]
    • Supported inputs:


    • OSC network stream
    • OSC-replay file format
    • Muse file format v1
    • Muse file format v2
  • Supported outputs:
    • OSC network stream
    • OSC-replay file format
    • Muse file format v2
    • MATLAB
    • Print to screen
  • Options:
    • As fast as possible
  • [B]OSC tools[/B]
    • "oscdump" and "oscsend" have been integrated into the installer for convenience

  • #2

    Support for linux, as described on the developer page?


    Linux support is coming soon, we will release it as soon as it is ready!


    Soon as in this week, or soon as in sometime in the next three months? I need to choose how to proceed, and if necessary buy a windows machine (ugh…)


    the noise indicator (shoe) in muse lab left top corner doesnt work for me in new sdk. it worked in old. maybe did something wrong during install. seen some warnings while installing packages on my macosx but everything seems to be installed allright.


    lyttol - We are shooting to have it within a month

    martinr - make sure you are using the “–dsp” option with MuseIO, this is needed for the headband indicator to work.