Mutual Wave - Marina Abramovíc - Art with EEG


Hi people!
Im Kaio from Brazil (:
Im a meditation and Yoga instructor and also an artist.
You guys see this performance of Marina Abramovic - Mutual Wave?
Really cool and a good way to bring empathy between persons (:
I wanna know if someone know how to program the Muse for doing this?

Thanks a lot!


You could use Muse Monitor on two devices to both stream to the same windows computer running Muse Lab, which would show the graphs next to one another.


Thanks my friend!
Just one more thing… you know how to program some visuals with this idea? In synch with the brainwaves… like the eeg making patterns with visuals


Muse Lab can already show brainwaves from two devices. If you want something pretty, then I would recommend doing it in Unity.