My android device drops Bluetooth connection every 30-45 seconds


I have an android device, a Samsung Galaxy A8, which is about a year old. I’m borrowing an “Original” generation Muse headband from a friend, and I’m keenly interested in buying a new device of my own – but only if I can sort out these unbearable technical problems.

I can connect to the device and start the calibration process, which shows a full, quality signal in all four quadrants of the circle indicator. However, after about 30 seconds, all the signals cut out and the Bluetooth connection drops. I can eventually start a session, but again am interrupted usually about every 50 seconds or so, which makes this device completely unusable – I can’t even get through a 5-minute session without 6 or 7 interruptions, and at that point, I’d rather just use a timer to do meditation without the Muse. That said, I love the functionality with the app, and I’d love to figure this out before the holidays.

There are a few topics on this forum with somewhat similar problems, but none seem to be resolved, and they are all several years old, which is why I’m posting anyway.

The Muse unit itself has no history of technical problems. My partner has an android device as well, a Pixel 3A, which I think just came out this year. This very same device functions well on her phone, so I know there’s no problem with the headband itself.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • restarting my phone
  • turning my Bluetooth function on my phone off and on
  • using my phone on airplane mode while using the Muse headband
  • clearing the Bluetooth cache
  • clearing all the Bluetooth data
  • doing what I believe to be a “hard reset” on the Muse unit itself (hold the power button for a minute through a couple cycles of lights changing – I’m not 100% sure I’m doing this right, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong)

A couple of these solutions were suggested by Muse tech support (turning Bluetooth off and on, using airplane mode, and doing the hard reset), but nothing is working.

Does anyone have any ideas on things I could try, or do you have any similar experiences to report? I’d appreciate anything at all that anyone can share.

Thank you! Hoping to buy a Muse 2 if I can get all this sorted out first.


I had this same issue with the Samsung A20. Did you update your phone? Because that did the job for me strangely enough.

Justin Kroon