My disappointment with Muse 2


I just received my Muse 2 today, and I’m a bit disappointed, because after trying everything, there seems to be no way of seeing the raw data on Android or Windows.

Muse Direct on Windows can detect the Muse but cannot connect to the Bluetooth, and every Muse android app except the official one crashes with Muse 2… And I have no IOS device, so I cannot use Muse direct on IOS.

By the way, it’s impossible to pair the Muse 2 on bluetooth at all, this problem exists on my Android device (OnePlus 6) and my Windows 10 gaming computer.

The app works, at least, but since there is no pairing, I have to redo the calibration at each new meditation…

Also, I’m a developer, and bought this because I wanted to code some stuff on it, since there is an official API and everything. But… The API crashes with the Muse 2 on every platform, and I cannot even fix the lib myself since I don’t have access to the full source code.

I understand that the API is still not updated to support the Muse 2, but I would have greatly appreciated a warning somewhere about this, because the API is the main reason I bought this device. I would have bought the Muse 1 otherwise…

So, to summarize, I’m stuck with a device that cannot show me any data by any other mean than" intensity of nature noises" during a meditation on the official app, AND I have to calibrate everytime when I use this app.

I’m very, very disappointed… The hardware seems great, but the software seems not adapted at all for the Muse 2, even in the official app to a certain degree…

As a student, spending a few hundred bucks to find out I bought an unfinished product is really disappointing…

I really wanted to make some apps/games with it, and it just seems impossible… If the traffic between the Muse and the device is unencrypted, I’ll probably try to understand how to communicate with the Muse 2 and make a custom script using some Bluetooth lib with Python to get the raw data directly, but I’m really not confident about this…

So, I’m here to ask, are there solutions to my problems, is there something wrong with my Muse 2, or is my inability to do anything normal?

Thanks a lot, I’m sorry if I sound a bit rude, but I just hoped to make fun stuff with this and now I can’t…



There will be an update to MuseDirect iOS and an upcoming Android Version to allow visualisation, recording, OSC forwarding and more. Updates to the API connector for Muse 2 are in the works too.

Thanks for your patience!


It’s great to know, thanks !
Do you have an estimation of when the API will be compatible? Like, in a few weeks, or in a few month, or worse?