My disappointment with Muse 2


I just received my Muse 2 today, and I’m a bit disappointed, because after trying everything, there seems to be no way of seeing the raw data on Android or Windows.

Muse Direct on Windows can detect the Muse but cannot connect to the Bluetooth, and every Muse android app except the official one crashes with Muse 2… And I have no IOS device, so I cannot use Muse direct on IOS.

By the way, it’s impossible to pair the Muse 2 on bluetooth at all, this problem exists on my Android device (OnePlus 6) and my Windows 10 gaming computer.

The app works, at least, but since there is no pairing, I have to redo the calibration at each new meditation…

Also, I’m a developer, and bought this because I wanted to code some stuff on it, since there is an official API and everything. But… The API crashes with the Muse 2 on every platform, and I cannot even fix the lib myself since I don’t have access to the full source code.

I understand that the API is still not updated to support the Muse 2, but I would have greatly appreciated a warning somewhere about this, because the API is the main reason I bought this device. I would have bought the Muse 1 otherwise…

So, to summarize, I’m stuck with a device that cannot show me any data by any other mean than" intensity of nature noises" during a meditation on the official app, AND I have to calibrate everytime when I use this app.

I’m very, very disappointed… The hardware seems great, but the software seems not adapted at all for the Muse 2, even in the official app to a certain degree…

As a student, spending a few hundred bucks to find out I bought an unfinished product is really disappointing…

I really wanted to make some apps/games with it, and it just seems impossible… If the traffic between the Muse and the device is unencrypted, I’ll probably try to understand how to communicate with the Muse 2 and make a custom script using some Bluetooth lib with Python to get the raw data directly, but I’m really not confident about this…

So, I’m here to ask, are there solutions to my problems, is there something wrong with my Muse 2, or is my inability to do anything normal?

Thanks a lot, I’m sorry if I sound a bit rude, but I just hoped to make fun stuff with this and now I can’t…



There will be an update to MuseDirect iOS and an upcoming Android Version to allow visualisation, recording, OSC forwarding and more. Updates to the API connector for Muse 2 are in the works too.

Thanks for your patience!


It’s great to know, thanks !
Do you have an estimation of when the API will be compatible? Like, in a few weeks, or in a few month, or worse?


Hi any updates on this? I just receivd my Muse2 and the app itself doesn’t even work - won’t let me change the meditation time from 3 or 5 minutes to any other variants. I’ve emailed support, left feedback and not heard a single word from muse.
Was wondering if your experience got better @hexabeast or if I should return my Muse2. At this point it’s practically unusable.


Its not an app issue i dont think. Ive been using my muse 2 for 2 weeks without a single crash or glitch on my note 9 and my wife’s note 8. I downloaded “Muse Monitor” for android for about $10 and it seems to save the raw data pretty flawlessly which you can export with ease which I plan to use to see the effects of binaural beats on our brain waves to see if we can in fact listen to specific frequences to self adjust our inadequate brain frequencies. After research it looks that people with personality disorders always seem to have an abundance, or lack there of a specific frequency. I also plan to see if fhe muse headband does in fact teach our brains to fire more harmoniously rather than sporatic by sending the dats through a MatLab render.

Anyways im no doctor so all of my research is based on my own findings following theories I’ve read about as well as incorporating some of my own. Im doing this for my own health at the moment as I have pretty severe depression and its possibly manic… and got tired of doctors making assumptions and not actually doing any scans. Once i prove my theories and have the groundwork done I have some family members im going to try to help to confirm my work.

Dont give up on the muse 2. So far in a couple weeks its already changing my life and outlook dramatically. Work with these devices are going to change our understanding of EVERYTHING :grin:


Thanks for sharing, it’s great that you have a big heart and are using what you are learning to help others.
I downloaded the muse monitor app too but need to learn more about how to interpret the data.
Muse app still doesn’t work for me on my Android phone, so I’m going to try downloading it on my iPad and see if I can use it on there.


Any update? I bought muse2 and tried to connect to my win10 laptop without success. Also bought one of the reccomended bluethooth dongle but it didn’t work. I’m very disappointed with this, and also emailed muse but didn’t recive answers


The app was working flawlessly for a month in which i meditated 20 hours with it. I dont know what the Interaxon team is doing but their updates are fucking up android even worse. Since they updated the app, i cannot get my ear sensors to work for the life of me. Unfortunately if this isn’t rectified soon ill have to look into other options. Message to muse. STOP FUCKING WITH SOMETHING THAT WORKS JUST SO YOU CAN GET SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUR APP!!! Or you are going to kill the one thing your business is growing off of and that’s positive feedback from your customers. It drives me nuts that i pay $300 for a device and you guys can screw up after i bought a product that worked fine, rendering it useless. And messing with my mental health. Not sure if you can tell but i didnt get my fuckin meditation this morning


Update: muse is ruining their app by trying to get subscribers which would he a good idea if they had better programmers. In doing this their app went from working flawlessly to glitchy and my ear sensors not working anymore making my muse 2 useless. I have a $1400 note 9 figure your shit out. If this phone doesn’t work with your app now then wtf is the point of you even risking your app developemnt further when you havent even figured out your current issues. Muse You guys clearly have issues with your developers capabilities. It might be worth while to keep the health side of your muse separate from the subscribers part of collections so you dont screw it all up at once and the castle falls to the ground. Especially when your competition is at your heels. Not sure if you can tell but i didnt get my effing meditation this morning.