Native Win32 SDK console apps: Won't run under Windows XP?


[SIZE=14px]Hi all (But probably specifically an InteraXon developer…),

I am a new MUSE owner (though a veteran software developer) who wants to use the Muse SDK tools under Windows XP.

I have successfully setup the development environment, compiled, tested and installed the additional Python sources, etc. Everything appears to be working fine. The Java-written Muse-Lab starts up fine…

But the three “native” windows console (.exe) applications: “muse-io.exe”, “oscsend.exe”, “oscdump.exe”, etc. will not start. I receive a pop-up stating that “This is not a valid Win32 program”. Then “Access is denied” is returned to the console command line.

I am attempting to run on a Windows XP machine, so my assumption is that perhaps there’s some problem with the Visual C++ 2013 Runtime on XP? The VC++ 2013 Redistributable package installs without complaint, and Microsoft does claim that the redistributable provides support on Windows XP. But these three native Win32 console apps appear to be the only things having
any trouble.

So… do you have any idea what’s up and what I might be able to do?

Thanks VERY much!![/SIZE]


I have provisionally confirmed that the error is on InteraXon’s part. Since we appear to be largely on our own here, I will move to a Windows 7 platform for development. But if InteraXon is interested in having their development toolkit working on Windows XP (considering its age and the fact that it is no longer supported, they may not)… the fix is extremely simple: It’s just a matter of a single configuration setting in their native Windows build process. The links provide all of the details:

I hope that might be useful to someone, and perhaps to InteraXon.