Native Windows API?


is there a way to develop a native Windows application (non-UWP) for the MUSE headband?

Are there any plans for releasing a more low-level libmuse API?



Hello, Plexus

I’m currently working on that with a native Delphi implementation.

Currently, I’m able to talk to MUSE 2014 bands, and I’m starting to work on Muse 2016 based on the muse-lsl project. Hopefully, it will work with MUSE 2 too.

I will ask my employer on this (Aquera Foundation) to see if they allow me to open source this code.


sounds great. I’m looking for a C/C++ implementation, though. But I guess that doesn’t matter too much.
My question is, what’s the basis on which you build that API? Do you use and extend/wrap an existing lib or are you working off of reverse engineered information?

Are you thinking about building a DLL or static lib?


Hello, Plexus

I’m starting with a Delphi component, because it’s my immediate need, but a DLL sounds cool.

I’m currently working under a contract to make this component, and do not know if my employer will allow to share it. I will probably have some free time on the end of the semester, and I will think about making a C DLL to connect to Muse. I’m more familiar with Linux development and working with bluetooth on windows is really a pain in the ***, but I will not discard the possibility of developing this lib as an open source project on my free time.

I’m really pissed off by the lack of documentation from Interaxon regarding Muse development. If they can’t build a simpler and multi platform SDK (and I totally understand that it’s not an easy or cheap task), they could, at least, provide documentation on the protocols and engage the community to build this tools as a collaborative effort.


If you could open source Delphi component, it would be really, really great. Please try to persuade your employer :).