Need a lot more badges in Muse Calm


Although those badges in app are not real, however, they somehow motivate me to keep using Muse to meditate everyday. So I want to see more different kind of badges as I saw in other video games.

So far, if one meditate for 1 week everyday, then the one will get the badge of “7 day streak”; if for 2 weeks everyday, then get the badge of “14 day streak”. However, no more badges for one who meditate longer than 2 weeks everyday. I’d like to see the badges of “1 month streak”, “2 month streak”… “1 year streak”. Also, if my average calmness percent from all previous sessions overtakes a standard (say 70%) or the total number birds reach to some number, then I should be awarded some badges.

Moreover, one can get the same badge of “7 day streak” regardless of the fact whether the one meditate 20 minutes a day or only 3 minutes a day. I’d like to see the badge to distinguish them by the length of meditation. For example, “7 day 20 minutes streak” and “7 day 3 minutes streak” clearly distinguish the achievement. Moreover, the badge of “7 day 20 minutes streak” is more superior than “7 day 3 minutes streak”. So it would be better to distinguish badges by color. The golden colored badge may be the highest level, then followed by silver colored badge the 2nd highest level, and bronze badge for 3rd level.

In addition to badges, it may be very interesting to see special prize, such as flower, diamond, necklace, animal, plant, fresh food, ice-cream, chocolate, fruits, etc.

Furthermore, there should be a separate section (called “My Trophy”) in app to store and summarize all those badges and prizes from all sessions. I know that if clicking “see your data”, I can see the badges corresponding to the specific session. However, this does not summarize, and does not count how many golden or silver badges I have won from all previous sessions. And, the app should provide an option to share all my badges to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.